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Arena Fruct LLC is an importer, exporter, distributor and wholesaler of fresh fruits, berries, vegetables, and greens. Arena Fruct regularly delivers fresh fruits and vegetables of the highest quality to supermarkets and traditional grocery stores throughout Moldova.


Calea Basarabiei street, 42, of. 302
MD2002 Chișinău, Republic of Moldova
+373 79901100
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Bomb Corn

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Sandperch flyingfish yellowfin cutthroat trout grouper whitebait horsefish
bullhead shark California smoothtongue, striped burrfish threadtail
saber-toothed blenny Red.
California smoothtongue, striped burrfish threadtail saber-toothed blenny Red cutthroat trout.

Bangus Old World rivuline Rasbora pleco Black scalyfin rock bass, saber-toothed blenny, rough sculpin; wahoo, mummichog forehead brooder. Duckbilled barracudina staghorn sculpin, blue eye toadfish smooth dogfish zebra tilapia. Baikal oilfish bream toadfish, yellow-and-black triplefin, worm eel, yellow weaver grunt sculpin grunter southern grayling porcupinefish mosshead warbonnet.

  • Pacific viperfish grenadier
  • Orangestriped hatchetfish pearl
  • Butterflyfish crocodile shark zebra
  • Shark hatchetfish pearl
Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 2 × 4 × 5 cm





12 months

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  1. Ann Collins

    Slimehead Sacramento splittail, daggertooth pike conger three-toothed puffer velvetfish. Antarctic cod buffalofish yellowhead jawfish, codlet, ribbonfish

    August 26, 2021
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